In spring of 2015, the Arc erected the area’s first accessible playground, The pArc, so that individuals of all abilities can play in an inclusive and safe environment. The main structure took 3 days and 200 volunteers to build and has since had several smaller additions to the space. The playground has many features including: wheelchair accessibility up to 3 levels, a Sway Fun, music board, floating steps, slides, monkey bars, signing board, and more! The playground sits on a rubber safety surface. In addition to the playground the pArc also includes an Oodle Swing with a platform seat, 2 Cozy Cocoons that swivel, a tire structure, and various garden areas.

Garden areas include; three raised garden beds, an herb tire wall, and a small pollinator garden. The Arc relies on volunteer support to keep our pArc clean and help maintain our garden space. If you are interested in volunteering for clean-up or garden maintenance, please contact

The pArc is open to the community and maintains the hours of availability from dawn to dusk. If you visit our park and have any questions or comments, please contact